Top 5 Kitchen Safety Tips


Top 5 Kitchen Safety Tips

The Kitchen is a very risky place to you and your family. This is because you work with boiling liquids, hot surfaces and handle sharp objects such as knives and other utensils. With these objects and substances in the kitchen, you can easily suffer injuries or cause accidents if you fail to be careful. Recently I heard a story of a boy who suffered a very severe stomach injury in the kitchen after falling on a knife, which was in a basin full of utensils. Besides, my cousin’s daughter suffered severe arm burns after slipping and falling on a hot pan that was carelessly placed. Luckily, there are some safety tips that you can take to prevent these silly accidents and injuries from happening in your kitchen.  These precautions include:

Stay in the Kitchen

The first and the most important way to prevent kitchen accidents is by paying better attention to what you are doing. Concentrating on what you are doing helps in reducing kitchen dangers dramatically. Therefore, if you intend to leave your kitchen, it is advisable to set a timer or leave another adult to watch over what is cooking rather than leaving it unattended for long. A timer will remind you to check your cooking frequently.

Keep your Kids and Pets off

Children and pets are highly likely to cause accidents or injure themselves easily. Besides, they can be a source of distraction and can trip you while pulling down a hot pot. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them out of the kitchen unless they are helping you or learning how to cook. You should also avoid holding a child or baby while cooking and always let you children learn to respect the kitchen.

Be aware of Fire Safety

First, ensure that you have a fire extinguisher near your kitchen for emergency use. You should also learn vital fire fighting techniques such as knowing that grease fires cannot be put out using water as it instead makes them spread. Moreover, you can use a blanket to put out fire by covering it to ensure that you prevent oxygen flow to it if you do not own a fire extinguisher. You can as well pour salt or baking soda to extinguish it, especially grease fire.

Wear Safe Shoes and Clothing

There has been many cases of several accidents taking place in the kitchen due to people wearing unsafe shoes that are either open or not sturdy enough. Some people have had injuries after accidentally dropping a knife on their foot while in open shoes or slippers.

You should as well ensure that you wear safe clothes that do not have long hanging sleeves or anything flammable while in the kitchen. Consequently, you should avoid synthetic clothing as it melts onto your skin if it accidentally catches fire.

Always Use Hot Pads

Finally, ensure that you keep a good selection of oven mitts and hot pads on your hand always when handling hot objects in the kitchen. Therefore, you should use them for any pot, pan bowl or any pan from a given appliance. Most people ignore using them on pulling bowls out of the microwave but it is good to know that these bowls can equally get hot and you can easily burn yourself by touching them with bare hands. However, you should avoid using wet hot pad or oven mitts as they can transmit heat easily.

In conclusion, we all know that cooking is fun, but our safety is a priority. We should therefore ensure that we keenly follow the safety tips above to avoid suffering injuries and causing accidents in our homes. Therefore, by following the safety tips above we can protect our families and ourselves from sharp objects like knives, electrical appliances and open fire from ovens or burners.



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