The Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer


The Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer

The Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer is a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-all—— It can mix, whip, blend and knead all your baking ingredients. This is a must-have for food lovers who want just can’t keep away from the kitchen if allowed to cook and bake all day.

Product Features

The Kitchen Aid Artisan has a tilt-back mixer head design which allows easy access to the bowl without removing the mixer heads. It also has 10 speed variations ranging from a very slow stir to a fast whip. Each mixer comes with three attachments which include the wire whip, paddle and hook. The product also comes with a plastic shield to keep the contents inside the bowl from spilling during the mixing process.
The Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer is also available in a variety of colors that can add spunk to your kitchen.

Pros and Cons

The product is easy to set-up because the instructions are easy to follow, nothing technical. The manual even has extra sections that include helpful tips and recipes that can jumpstart cooking with the Artisan mixer.

The best feature of the Kitchen Aid Mixer is its unique mixing ability with the spiral beaters. The beater-to-bowl clearance is adjustable and it does not leave any batter for scraping on the sides of the bowl with its clean finish. It mixes thoroughly whether its eggs, dough or cake mixture.

The ten speed levels that are available makes the mixer very versatile since you can have that slow whip for recipes that require you to add ingredients gradually in the batter or you can have that hyperactive mixing with the eggs for a fast whip. It has everything you need, but you still have to know what kind of speed will work for your mixture because you control the mixer and not the other way around. It’s your knowledge of cooking and baking that will make the Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer work for you.

The whip and beaters are easy to clean but a lot of batter gets stuck in the mixer itself and makes cleaning the machine quite difficult. The bowl is easy to clean and the plastic guard is essential and necessary when mixing or else there will be a lot of splatter on your kitchen table.

The Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer may be quite expensive compared to other products in the market but its features may just be worth it especially for those who cook and bake often.


Overall, the Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer is a good buy and is the perfect gift for food lovers who like to bake from scratch or try novel recipes. It won’t work well for sporadic bakers and cooks because the features of this mixer are for full-scale cooking and baking and not for pre-mixed recipes and instant brownies. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this product and it will save you a lot of time and energy with its versatile mixing powers.



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