Benefits of using Air-fryers


An air fryer is a very recent addition to the kitchen.  The equipment is more preferred because it fries food with a very little measure of oil even less than a teaspoon. It is also able to remove extra oil as the food cooks. The Air fryer cooks food by covering it with a thin coating of oil and then moving hot air in its vicinity via an automatic fan. This results in a firm dry texture of the foods with a lot less fat. The air fryer therefore saves you from adding a lot of calories.

The air fryer is easy to utilize, safe and flexible. It can be detached into four separate parts. The outer layer, the rack, the pan and the mesh basket. This allows for it to be used in more ways than one. If you want to cook French fries or stake put it in the basket add cooking fat and set the time and temperature. While frying meatballs or a small hamburger you can place them in the grill at the base but on top of the cooking rack and then set the time and temperature. Most models come when they are already set with buttons for cooking some common dishes thereby making the work even easier for you.

Because it moves the air around the food it’s good for cooking veggies, fries and frozen foods such as turkey, stake and chicken. Although the air fryer is known for frying it is also capable of grilling, roasting and baking food. Because of the way it is build it does not allow the moisture to be lost thereby making the food tastier. It is better cook’s better food than the deep fryer which cooks by dipping food in to a lot of oil and therefore you end up eating a lot of calories. The air fryer’s food is healthy and better for your heart and waistline than the deep fryer.

The gadget also does not take up much of your space since the standard size is like that of a coffee maker. It also cooks many types of dishes. It’s safer to use since there is a minimal risk of burning yourself in the oil and it also relieves you of cooling a lot of oil in your kitchen after cooking as experienced in deep frying. This makes it a safe environment for kids and pets to be around.

The detachable parts are easy to wash even without using a dish washer.  The parts have a non-stick coating which means it’s very hard for food particles to cling on to the surface of the gadget and making it harder to wash. As mentioned earlier, the fryer can also bake therefore dishes like apple pie, steamed nut cake, chocolate fondue can also be cooked in the appliance. Though there id the coffee maker size of the appliance, there is also a bigger one that can feed a family of four. If you are looking for an equipment to help you meet your weight loss goals and cooking an array of tastier meals, go for the air fryer.



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