All about rice cookers


A rice cooker as the name suggests is a kitchen equipment used for cooking rice. More advanced rice cookers have sensors and elements unlike the simpler ones that operate on a thermostat. The rice cooker automatically regulates itself to the temperature of the rice. It changes to the warming mode after cooking to a certain level. This therefore means that your rice does not get cold. They are perfect for reheating rice as they will keep the correct temperature inside the pot and will not burn its contents or not completely heat it to satisfaction.

The contents of water and rice are added in the rice cooker and it is allowed to cook at a high temperature of 100 degrees centigrade. All the water evaporates. If you decide to add more water continues cooking until the water evaporates again. The thermostat automatically regulates itself to the lower temperature where the rice keeps warm. Some rice cookers just switch off. Many rice cookers currently include a steaming tray so they are used to cook other products like grains.

Before, a cook was needed to keep an eye on the pot to make sure the contents did not overcook. But in recent times that has changed in that electric rice cookers now cook according to the environment of the pot and change to desirable temperatures as required. The rice cooker has become convenient in that the cook only needs to put in the rice and measure the water needed. However it does not necessarily cook quickly but gives good results.

The cooking activity is not complicated it only requires a few things. Put in the right measure of water and rice. Let the rice soak. Allow the rice to cook until evaporation of all the water occurs. Then steam it and shake it for it to appear fuller.

There are many types of rice cookers but the most common ones are improved, standard, multifunctional and induction rice cooker. Picking a rice cooker to buy is a bit complicated. The simpler models are mostly only able to cook plain white rice but are cheap. The more advanced ones can cook grains and porridge’s but are more expensive than the former.

The better you maintain your rice cooker the longer it will serve you. Always clean the rice cooker every time after use as waiting lets the food pieces stick and makes it harder to wash. This may reduce the functionality of the cooker. Use a sponge or a wet cloth to clean the inner part of the rice cooker. Avoid using abrasive sponges while cleaning if there is rice stuck on the surface of the cooker, remove with a silicone or plastic utensil. The rice cooker is meant to be washed gently so as not to damage it. The detachable parts of the rice cooker can be washed with a dishwasher. Make sure you rinse thoroughly in case you are using a detergent though this is highly discourages so as not to leave any traces. Dry the wetness in the pot before storage.



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