All about Pressure Cookers


Pressure cookers are not very common in many kitchens. Most people do not have the know how of how to handle the equipment. Today I will seek to demystify the science behind the usage of the equipment and all there is to know about it so that you can be able cook some of your favorite recipes using it.

A pressure cooker is usually enclosed. It cooks by generating steam force. The excess steam is let out by a tube. They therefore are self-regulating and the pressure inside is held constant. Pressure cookers high boiling point gives you the advantage of cooking food faster than other ways of cooking. It cooks twice as fast than normal cooking methods. When you cook with a pressure cooker the food gets wet and tenderizes thereby making the food softer. When you cook with a pressure cooker browning occurs more than on regular cooking methods because the boiling point is high and it brings out different flavours of the food. Some people scorch the food before putting it in the pressure cooker. If you do this, be sure to scrape off the brown part before you put it in.

You may wonder if it’s safe to use a pressure cooker? When well used they are as safe as any other cooking method. Most of them also comes specially equipped in a way that in case if anything goes wrong minimal risk is experienced. If your pressure cooker is jammed do not try to force it to open as it may cause harm and also damage the equipment.

Pressure cookers are of two different types, electric and stove top. The electric cooker uses electricity as the name suggests. It is mobile and will not scorch the food. They have timers that automatically switch off the equipment as set therefore you should not be worried about switching it off. They are self regulating and can be washed with a dishwasher without coming to any harm. The stovetop pressure cooker have the ability to reach high temperatures than the electric cooker. That means that food cooks much faster and this makes it more sought after than the electric cooker. They are mostly preferred by businesses. They can also work with gas and electricity but do not facilitate giving rise to food.

Here are some foods that you can cook using your pressure cooker. Frittatas, egg casserolles, macaroni and cheese, enchiladas and canitas, pasta and tomato sauce, soup chilli and stew, rice pudding, rice, risotto, beans and ribs. There are other pressure cooker recipes available that give you additional dishes on the menu. You may want to reduce seasoning in your food because food cooked in a pressure cooker tends to be thick.

Pressure cookers should be kept when the lid is completely apart from the main item. The reason is because if you close it, it may trap unwanted scents that may  be mixed with the next meal giving you a less than desirable outcome. After washing the rubber seal you should apply mineral oil to ensure that it lasts long.



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