All about Microwaves



We are living in the era whereby everyone wants everything done instantly. The microwave is one such gadget that is loved for its convenience. Its inception has revolutionized how things are done in the kitchen. The microwave heats food fast using a one of a kind electromagnetic radiation. It heats food from the inside instead of the outside like most ovens do.

The microwave does not heat well the dry and frozen food. Iced moisture and things that do not have moisture do not ogre well with the microwave and may not heat evenly. To ensure food cooks in all areas, it is designed with a rotating plate on the inner part.

Microwaves are of different types. The countertop microwave was the first to hit the market. Other types like over the range microwaves and cabinet mounted microwaves joined in later. Counter top microwaves are not expensive, they are popular and portable. They however consume a lot of space on counters. The other types are expensive and stationery and may need to be fixed by an expert. Convection microwave ovens have heating components and fans have outside and inner heat which cooks food.

Microwaves usually use energy at the rate of 750 and 1100 watts. To a layman the energy output is more than a refrigerator but lower than a clothes iron. For it to boil a cup of water it utilizes 25 % extra than an electric stove. Re heating however takes less energy than doing it in a normal oven. It therefore confirms the believe that cooking little food is more advantageous than large quantities.

The advantages of cooking in a microwave oven include the fact that it does not destroy all the vitamins unlike in a normal cooking methods where foods take longer to cook having a counterproductive result. They use electricity which has very low carbon traces and has minimal pollution since electricity is cleaner energy. Microwaves do not overcook food mostly proteins. Food cooks fast therefore the organisms have less time to react on the food.

It is safe to use and is usually fitted with a switch that shuts the microwave once the door is opened some have sensors that shut the equipment down once there is steam or high temperature levels. They always meet the standard requirement whereby they are not allowed to release radiation that passes more than 2 inches away from the unit.

The effect of microwaves on food is not very good as it destroys the nutritional content though the effects are minimal than boiling. It is however not advisable to warm breast milk with a microwave as it interferes with the nutrients. It is safer to use boiling water.

Microwaves also have disadvantages. It is believed that heating some foods with it may cause the build up of acrylamide which is a chemical that brings about cancer. Metallic objects are also known to ignite the centre of the microwave causing damage. The heat can destroy plastic containers.



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